Office of the Research, Innovation and Commercialization

The ORIC office also serves as a conduit to local, regional and federal partners to ensure research results aid the growth of Pakistan’s economy.

Director Oric's

Engr. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Hussain

Director ORIC

Engr. Syed Muhammad Khubaib

Manager Research Operations & Development

ORIC Member Image

Engr. Muhammad Wajahat Rasool

Manager Innovation and Commercialization

Introduction of Oric Office


In recent millennium global knowledge economy has strengthen the need for strategic partnerships that go beyond their traditional roles as collaborators. World-class research universities are at the forefront of pioneering such partnerships. They are intended to run longer, invest more, look beyond and sharpen the competitiveness of industries, universities and regions. Keeping in view of these challenges, the Office of the Research, Innovation and Commercialization has been initiated at DHA Suffa University.

The ORIC office also serves as a conduit to local, regional and federal partners to ensure research results aid the growth of Pakistan’s economy


Universities around the globe appreciates the research profiles and professional competences of professors and researchers.  The researchers are expected to be more competitive and knowledgeable to offer creative solutions (through courses, diplomas, research projects, etc.) to complex needs of society. The Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) at DHA Suffa University (DSU) is engaged with its researchers and promotes their visibility to potential funding agencies and industrial partners. The Researcher’s academic profiles promote DSU vision to be a leading research institution. The active research done by our faculty members is needed to be shared with both academia and industry. This will be helpful to enhance research collaborations and industry and faculty engagement..Read more

Research That Impact Society

Aim and Purpose of ORIC
  • To transform DHA Suffa University towards community centric impact innovation, applied research and entrepreneurship, as per HEC guidelines.
  • To play a part in enabling in Pakistan’s transformation to a knowledge-based economy contingent upon innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • To link research and commercialization and develop a symbiotic relationship between the local industry, community, and DHA Suffa University.
  • To encourage work closely with the researchers and on campus Incubators & S&T Park.
  • To work on commercialization of research and helping startups to incubate, grow, create new jobs, products, services, markets by solving existing problems through research and innovation.
  • To disseminate information about research funding and industrial problems to faculty members
  • To train and equip researchers and faculty members with tools useful for research.
  • To maximize the utility of existing facilities by providing services to the industry.
Mission and Objectives

The mission and objectives of ORIC Office comprise: